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List of Characters

Nick Carraway- the narrator. Thirty years old, he is a moralist who becomes a foil to every other character. He lives next door to Jay Gatsby and becomes Gatsby's link to daisy, his cousin.

Jay Gatsby- the title character. A romantic idealist, he devotes his life to amassing wealth which he believes will win Daisy and fulfill his dream.

Daisy Buchanan- Nick's cousin and Tom's wife, and Jay's dream girl. Incapable of love, she represents the idolized upper class.

Tom Buchanan- Daisy's husband. Incapable of feeling guilt or any other emotion, he represents brutality, the moral carelessness of the rich , and racism.

Jordan Baker- a friend of Daisy from Louisville. A young and dishonest professional golfer, she is involved with Nick, whose identifying character is honesty.

Myrtle Wilson- wife of George. Her vitality attracts Tom. She wants to escape her lower class status, yet has no sense of values.

George Wilson- proprietor of a garage in the Valley of Ashes. He represents the fate of the common working man, an everyman who believes a strong work ethic will eventually capture for him the American Dream.

Owl-Eyes- a middle-aged fair weather friend of Gatsby.

Pammy Buchanan- daughter of Tom and Daisy. She appears as a possession to be displayed. Always dresses in white like her mother, she represents the shallowness of her parents.

Henry C. Gatz- Gatsby's father. He is proud of his son's prosperity.

Meyer Wolfsheim- a representative of the underworld. He has used Gatsby as a front man and is proud of his connections.

Catherine- Myrtle's sister. She is always available to have a good time.

Mr. And Mrs. McKee- tenants in a New York City hotel; they attend a party with the main characters.

Ewing Klipspringer- a boarder at Gatsby's house.

Michaelis- owner...