Greed – An Examination of Its Role in the Destruction of Humanity

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"We're living to die", this is a bold statement, but nonetheless, it is true. Most people wonder how their life is going to end, but sadly, for most youth today, it will be due to age. Using the combination of technological advancement, and the natural corruption of humans, society has set into motion "the beginning of the end". Examples that reinforce this statement are the: countless wars fought over raw materials such as oil and diamonds, the selling of weapons by the military, and society's contribution as a whole to global warming, the list goes on. What is common about all of these issues is that human desire for wealth made them all into concerns. If money were not a factor, people would not exploit the planet and its population for a "quick buck". Therefore, because of the greed associated with it, capitalism has failed humanity. As an alternative solution, socialism is the most viable substitute for capitalism.

This is because it takes the greed component away from the free market. In socialism, the government controls all business. In this essay, I will analyze the theories of capitalism and socialism. I will do this by referring to laissez-faire, and the ideas proposed by Adam Smith. I will also refer to the theories of Karl Marx and others regarding the topic of socialism. From this information, I will dispute the good and bad aspects of both economic and political theories, and finally, I will argue that because of greed, capitalism exploits and alienates humanity for profit.

Most scholars believe that capitalism emerged during the time of mercantilism (Wallerstein., Kimmel 1982). What differentiated these economic and political theories however was the term laissez-faire (Simley., Knes 2006). This meant "to have limited, or no government interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum...