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The Green Mile that Leads to Old Sparky The Green Mile the color of tired old lime, some called it "The Last Mile" (6) or "The Green Mile" (6). The Green Mile ran 60 miles north to south at the E-Block. It's a T-junction. To the left is the exercise yard, and to the right, leads to Old Sparky. Old Sparky, a death chair that sends many volts of electricity through the human body. Sometimes the switch has to be thrown twice if the person's heart is still beating. There are 7 characters that are part of the story. Old Sparky the electric chair, Paul Edgeombe, John Coffey, Percy Wetmore, a French man called Delacroix, and William Wharton. Paul is the main character, Paul is 108 years old as he writes about John Coffey and the life that he lived as a Prison Guard in the E-Block at Cold Mountain.

Paul even writes about what was happening in the retirement home.

This novel begins by Paul telling the story, beginning in 1932 at the State Penitentiary called Cold Mountain. There were other guards. Percy Wetmore, one that knows people, he was related to the governor by marriage (and so he stayed). Harry Terwilliger, Dean Stanton, and Brutus Howell (The men called him "Brutal" (9), but it was a joke, he wouldn't hurt a fly unless he had to, in spite of his size). Percy became the third main character in the book. Percy was a crazy or so called stupid. Mainly through the story he was all upset about a mouse called Mr. Jingles. [Del] "He whisper it in my ear" (131). [Wharton] "Say." There's a mouse in here! What kind of a joint are you guys running, anyway" (83)? [Harry] "Aw, he's sort of cute, and not afraid at all" (83). [Dean] "I'll be goddamed" (97)! The mouse also played with a spool Delacroix would throw it against the wall and Mr. Jingles would run and roll it back with its front paws or sometimes roll it back with his nose. [Del] "Look Cap'n!" "I done tame me a mouse" (130)! Percy had this thing for the mouse and it was to kill the mouse. There was on person standing in the way and it was Delacroix. Delacroix, or so called Del for short, was a prisoner at the Green Mile in the E-Block a French person. Del got permission from Paul that he can keep the muse. Then Percy becomes nice to Del. He figured that he will buy the cigar box that Del requested for Mr. Jingles. What Del didn't know that Percy had a trick up his sleeve. When Del threw the spool it hit the leg of the chair that Paul was sitting on when they talking and went out on to the Green Mile, Percy was right there waiting for the Mr. Jingles to get the spool, and stepped on Mr. Jingles. "There." "I knew I'd get him, soon or later. Just a matter of time really" (246).

That's the first half of the story. John Coffey was somewhat of a person that God created. He was sent to jail for murder, of two little small white girls. "I couldn't help it boss, I tried to take it back, but it was too late" (20). He stood six feet, eight inch's tall, he was as tall as a Basketball player. The town's people put him in the biggest denims they could find in stores. John has this gift. It was the gift of healing. Paul had a urinary infection, lots of pain it cost him until Wharton came in. Wharton puts up a fight and hits Paul in the mid area. As soon as they put Wharton's in cell, John wanted to see Paul. Paul went to John's cell and in a flash John grabbed Paul, healing Paul's infection to the mid area. Paul realized that the big man had a healing power and shouldn't be in jail. Paul gets this idea to bring John over to Hal Moores's house to help Mrs. Moores, who had a lemon size tumor in her head. The doctors couldn't even do surgery on her because it was deep inside her head. Because John was a prisoner Paul had to be quite when getting John out and to Hal's house.

Paul and the rest of the guards had this plan on how to get John to Mrs. Moores house. But Percy was a problem and so was Wharton. If they left with Percy, Percy would of ratted on them. Wharton on the other hand would make a lot of noise, so that the other guards would hear him and see what's going on. They would notice that the rest of the guards were missing and also a prisoner. So they grabbed the straight jacket and went after Percy first. Percy was sitting at a desk reading a book, but thye later found out he was looking at naked pictures of women. Percy was put into a straight jacket right before John, Paul and Brutal set out to take care of Mrs. Moores. Percy thought he was a big shot after he "Sabotaged-" (442)! Del death. So for punishment Paul and the rest of the guard decide to put Percy in the restraint room. Percy thought he was being sent to Wharton cell, but was sent to the restraint room. Now Wharton was out cold, after having the R.C. Cola drink that was spiked with a drug that puts out a person for about a day or two. Paul had to tease Wharton first, so Wharton could that the drink as soon Wharton took the drink he was out in 2 minutes. John was ready to go to Hal's house and for the truck ride. "Sure. I'd like a ride" (363). When everything was set and ready, Paul opened John's cell and let him out so they can handcuff him so that John doesn't get away. As soon Paul and John walked in front of Wharton's cell, Wharton gets up like a bolt of lighting from his bunk and grabs John's arm. Paul couldn't believe it, Deal and Harry put so many drugs in the drink; he should be out like a baby. Nope Wharton was up, John just stood there wide eyed, as he stood with Wharton's hand on his arm, as John looked on, flashes were going through his head. Paul removed Wharton's hand away from John's arm and Wharton fell to the floor fast and right to sleep.

Hal didn't like the idea that Paul brought John over. When John got passed Hal with a double barrel shotgun in his hands, John walked toward the bedroom with Mrs. Moores. Hal couldn't believe his eyes, his wife was cured! However there was no black cloud of bugs flying in the air, then turning to white tiny pieces and then disappearing into the air, like previous "curings," he was coughing but nothing. "John!" "Sick it up! Sick it up like you done before" (410)! But he couldn't. John cured Mrs. Moores but now he was sick.

After coming back from the road trip with Paul, John went back to his cell coughing. Paul went to his desk and took out Percy's belt and gun, so Percy can be let out. After an agreement stating that "Green Mile business stays on the Green Mile. Always has" (443), Percy was let out. As he was buckling his belt John Coffey reached out and grabbed him. Percy tried to get away but couldn't, and there John transferred the tumor that Mrs. Moores had. John released Percy. Percy continues to walk staring forward, not talking, or doing anything. He stooped in front of Wharton cell. "Just bam-bam-bam, bam-bam-bam, as fast as he could pull the trigger" (450). Percy killed Wharton while he was asleep. Percy fell to the floor, started coughing out the black cloud of bug's. The cloud came out of Percy's mouth and disappeared into the air. Paul, and the rest of the guards tried to stop him but were too slow. Late that night, Percy was sent to a Mental Hospital and the Wharton was taken out of his cell to be buried It was time for John Coffey to walk the Green Mile, Paul sat and waited inside John's cell, and John walked in. John sat there holding one of Paul's hands. John spoke to Paul. "I'm rightly tired of the pain I hear and feel, boss. I'm tired of bein on the road, lonely as a robin in the rain. Not never havin buddy to go on with or tell me where we's comin from or goin to or why. I'm tired of people bein ugly to each other. It feels like pieces of glass in my head. I'm tired of all the time I've wanted to help and couldn't. I'm tired of all the times I've wanted to help and couldn't. I'm tired of bein in the dark. Mostly it's the pain. There's too much. If I could end it, I would. But I can't" (491). As John held on to Paul's hand Paul sat there in front of John staring into his eyes, then a flash of light comes over him. Paul stood to see Wharton talking to the two little girls. "I seen it when that bad fella, he done grab me, I forgot." "That's when I knowed it was him done it. I seen him that day, I was in the trees and I seen him drop them down and run away, but-" "You forgot," [Paul] said." "That's right, boss. Until he touch me, I forgot" (493). Paul found out that Wharton killed the two girls. That is what John meant by "I couldn't help it boss, I tried to take it back, but it was too late" (20). John tried to save the girls but was too late. Paul couldn't believe it. The big time came, John Coffey to sit in Old Sparky. Mr. and Mrs. Detterick (the mother and father of the two girls) were there to see John executed. "Die slow, you son of a bi**h" (503)! "Kill him twice, you boys!" "You go on and kill that raping baby-killer twice, that'd be just fine" (504)! John felt all the hate. "But they's a lot of folks here hate me. A lot. I can feel it. Hurts. Bores in like bee-stings an' hurts" (504). As John sat in the chair, the mask was about to go on, "Please, boss, don't put that thing over my face," "Please don't put me in the dark, don't make me go into the dark, I's afraid of the dark" (508). So the mask didn't go on. John's last words were "I'm sorry for what I am" (507). Paul and the rest of the guard's started to cry before Paul could say "Roll on two" (510). The lights started to blow out as John moved back and forth as the electricity was being sent through his body. As soon as John died, the electricity was turned off, and there Paul saw a tear coming from John's eyes. They took John dead body down to the tunnel and put John on the gurney. Paul put the St. Christopher necklace back around John's neck. John got the necklace from Mrs. Moores after John healed her. Paul pulled the sheet back over John's face and rolled him down towards the ambulance.

The story ends when Paul is in a retirement home. Everyone that he knew was dead. They either died of a heart attack or natural causes. Accept for one person Mr. Jingles. Elaine one of Paul's friends in the retirement home, also the owners sister was the only person that liked Paul, she had read the story that Paul wrote. The story had been inside of him ever since the day John Coffey died. Elaine didn't believe the story until she saw Mr. Jingles. Elaine couldn't believe it, Mr. Jingles was still alive. Then 3 months later Elaine died and so did Mr. Jingles. Paul was the only one alive. When Paul held hands with John he got the same powers that John had. He was 108 years old and the math didn't add up. He was the oldest in the retirement home.