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Humans have searched for the key to immortality throughout history. Cloning is the beginning of humans playing the role of God. Though there may be some benefits to cloning, the importance of the religious aspect and the impact cloning would have on society should be a sign to mankind that cloning should be out of the question.

Beneficial factors of human cloning are a little ill thought out. "A couple has one kid and then can't have anymore children. Cloning would enable a couple to have a second child, maybe a younger twin of the first child,"(L'Chaim). True that cloning could help this couple, but the children later may have a sort of identity crisis, and sooner or later the couple will have to explain to the children how the second child was born. That itself can lead to emotional damage. Another so-called benefit is testing for genetic disease "Cloning technology can be used to test for and perhaps cure genetic diseases" (Human Cloning Foundation).

In my opinion, it's like saying scientists are breeding human beings to use as "lab rats". Humanists find that inhuman and demeaning. "A number of scientists have conducted experiments. They believe, with stable grounding, that the fears of the public about cloning being abused is a simple fallacy" (Eric). They do have some reason to fear. It is like playing god to create a human being from another to look exactly the same, when god had made that one person a broke the mold to never be made again.

Cloning humans is ethically unacceptable. The President of the United States of America, George W. bush, told reporters that, "The use of human embryos to clone is wrong (and) we should not, as a society, grow life to destroy it., and that is exactly what...