Gun Control and Mental Illness

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Andrea R. Drumgoole

#2134-Deviance and Law

Professor Lance Bohn

March 24, 2013

Gun Control and Mental Illness

Gun control and Mental Illness in the United States should be seen as part of the solution to provide better workplace and school security and address the more general problem of excessive violence in the United States. Whenever guns end up in the hands of wrong people, they become responsible for many violent acts that occur in our society. Every time that there is a significant school, university, or workplace shooting, there is a discussion of the need for stricter gun laws, but after some brief discussion the issue disappears. There has been an ongoing debate about gun control, but it is no longer valid especially as more violent deaths occur. Finally, society as a whole can reconsider what we can do about access to guns. The main point is gun control should be a top priority, but society does not need more gun laws put in the books.

Our government needs to take a proactive approach on the mental-healthcare crisis that is gripping the nation. The end result is more Americans seeing more violent events caused by guns in the hands of wrong people.

The shooting rampage at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 spawned debates over gun laws and control for school safety, mental health care, and what causes male teenagers and young students to kill their classmates and teachers. Some suggest making a longer waiting period and deeper background check to purchase a gun would reduce the amount of violence with guns. However, I find the tragedy at Virginia tech and similar events at Columbine, Tucson and other school shootings to be alarming. My belief is that the massacre perpetrated by the mentally ill student Cho Seung Hui should result...