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Elephants Do Not Complain

A long, long time ago elephants could talk like human beings and they could understand humans. Elephants' ears and tongues are similar to humans, so you can talk to elephants and they can understand. Human beings and elephants were able to have conversations. This caused a problem because humans wanted to use the elephants for work, but the elephants thought they were equal to humans and did not want to do the work. Every time humans put weight on an elephant, it complained and didn't want to work. Elephants would complain that the weight was too heavy and humans were putting too much stuff on them. One day, God saw this and thought that he must come up with a plan so that elephants did the work needed of them. God decided to give elephants big ears and a backwards tongue. From that day on, elephants did not complain and did not understand regular human conversations.

So now humans can use elephants for work, without the elephants complaining.