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For a week in February when I was twelve, my mom and dad started to work hard to

set up a Credit Union party. They asked me to help them so, everyday after I got out

of school I would help them.

Finally Friday came, a day before the big bash and I still had to help set up decorations.

We were almost done but, my mom said, " Mike can you sent the tables and put up a few

lights?" After a two hours the two hundred places I had to set up were finally done. My mom

took me home. When I got home I started making plans for the night of the party. So, I called a

few of my friends and ask what they were going to do. All of them had made plans. I wasn't too

happy but didn't care too much because my mom told me that my cousin Bethany was coming

up for the party.

I was overjoyed to hear that because I didn't see her too much. After my mom

told me the good news, I tried to find something to do. I tried watching television but that didn't

work. Then I tried to play some videos games. I grew tried of that rather quickly. So, I deiced to

get some much needed rest.

The next morning I got up at eight o'clock because my dog Barney had to go outside. I

knew he had to go outside because he started to cry. So, I let him out. Then I went to see if my

mom or dad had made me breakfast. I looked and found nothing had been cooked for me.

Which was really odd because every Saturday and Sunday morning they had made me breakfast

since I could remember. My...