Harry Potter

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Harry Potter lives with his relatives, the Dursley's. He lives with them during the summer when he's not at Hogwarts. The Dursley's are really mean to Harry. They locked up all his things because they are afraid of him using magic.

One day, a little house elf named Dobby, visits Harry and tells him that he should not go back to Hogwarts because danger was there for him. This was too hard of a decision for Harry to make. He hated staying with the Dursley's and wanted to go back to Hogwarts so badly. Harry decides to ignore him and go back to Hogwarts. But the Dursley's locked him up. So Ron and Hermoine came and broke Harry out and took them to their house until they went back to school.

They go back to Hogwarts and there was definitely something weird going on.

There is a spirit that haunts the bathroom, a new professor that Harry finds mysterious, and then students are being turned to stone. Many people suspect Harry, but Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermoine, decide to get to the bottom of it. They suspect Draco Malfoy. Some clues point to their friend Hagrid. Harry finds a secrete diary that when you write in it, it writes back. He talks to Mertyle and finds out about the serpent in the pipes. When the snake makes eye contact with someone, it turns him or her to stone and kills them. That's what happened to Mertyle.

Harry finds the chamber of secrets. And solves the problems that were occurring at Hogwarts. Harry freed the house elf from the beginning of the story so he didn't have to be a slave again. The school year is over and now he has to go live with his muggle family, the Dursleys. Harry Potter is even more famous around his school now.

· I chose a wand to put in my bag because this story is about magic and wizardry.

· I chose a lightning bolt because of the scar Harry has on his forehead.

· The picture of the tree represents The Whomping Willow that Harry and his friends crash into.

· The picture of the snake represents the serpent that lives inside the pipes in the chamber of secrets.

· This diary represents the magic diary that Harry finds.