Health Concerns of Expousure to Radiation

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Health Concerns of Exposure to Radiation

Everyone in there lifetime will be exposed to radiation. Each and every person living on the planet today is affected by natural sources of radiation. Some people might also have been affected by radiation from nuclear fallout or a nuclear bomb. I will explain to you the concerns and effects in various biological exposures, what radon is and how the measure it, and what causes the damage of radiation.

Radiation is the transferring of energy from one place to another. The radiation you receive from gamma Rays, X-rays, visible light and radio waves. This radiation contacts your body every day. The radiation that you don't come in contact with everyday is the fallout that you might receive from a nuclear power plant. On 1986, after several human errors, reactor 4 at Chernobyl Power Plant exploded. The explosion leveled thousands of tons of steel and concrete.

The steam from the reactor carried 70% of the nuclear material into the surrounding area. The accident killed approximately 1000 workers on the scene of the site and an estimated 7000 to 10000 died from the short and long term effects. The birth defect rate nearly doubled thousands of miles away from the Chernobyl site. Around 150,000 were put in danger for thyroid cancer and 800,000 for developing leukemia. Approximately 2 million acres of Ukrainian land (1/5th of there total land) was and still is considered unusable. A woman by the name of Rosa Goncharova, a student at the Institute of Genetics and Cytology at the Academy of Science in Minsk discovered that the rate for malformations and mutations in children rose 83% in the highly contaminated areas, 30% in the mildly contaminated areas and 24% in the "clean" areas. The malformations and mutations consisted of disabilities like Down's...