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Kerry Fullelove Health Studies

Health Promotion

Task 1

Battling poor health, arising from individual lifestyle choices, can be a major public health challenge. Doctors see the effects of unhealthy diet, smoking, and alcohol abuse on a daily basis. Whilst health care professionals have a vital role to play in treating disease, and supporting patients, they often fail to address the root cause of an illness. In order to tackle this issue the government, and health care professionals, often attempt to positively influence individual behaviour by developing health promotion initiatives.

In 2009 the government launched a healthy eating campaign called 'Change4Life'. They employed a multiple layer approach, within their marketing, in order to influence individuals through the use of different strategies at different levels. The campaign aimed to highlight the high levels of fat, sugar and salt found in many foods. The intention was to create awareness, and get society as a whole, to make healthier food choices.

'Change4Life' focused on people`s needs and how they could be met. Where prior campaigns tended to target individuals, 'Change 4life' directed their marketing at families, in the hope that families would work together to make realistic but achievable changes. In order to facilitate this 'Change4Life' joined up with various food manufacturers and media types, to present the first health-focused ad break.

The advert utilised animation consisting of warm colours and soft shapes, thereby making it appealing to children. This affable animation was the central theme throughout all 'Change4Life' advertising and helped to establish an easily recognisable association with the initiative.

'Change4life' also featured healthy living apps, for the smart phone and tablet, which were intended to target young adults and people with busy lives. The apps featured meal mixers and handy shopping lists to assist people with making healthy dietary choices. Furthermore, the...