Health promotion: evaluating and analysing existing campaigns and creating own research tools ie: questionnaire

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Task One

I have chosen drug abuse as an area from a health promotion target.

I have chosen target five, from the "national health programme objectives and targets" ( 19/01/2003)

Target 5 is:

"Reducing abuse of psychoactive substances and drug abuse-related health damage" ( 19/01/2003)

There are three expected outcomes, to be achieved by 2005 they are:

Ø" drug demand reduction"

Ø"Limited access to psychoactive substances"

Ø"Implementation of generally accessible treatment and rehabilitation programmes for person's experimenting with drugs and drug addicts"( 19/01/2003)

The rationale they give for the target is as follows...

".......the amount of illicit psychoactive substances such as amphetamine, cocaine, hallucinogens, cannabis type drugs has rapidly increased on the polish market" ( 19/01/2003)

I feel another reason for them devising the target is that drugs are extremely damaging to people's health, the damage caused varies a great deal depending on the drug being used, but some drugs can even kill people, even when only used in small quantities.

The expected health gain is to reduce drug related health damage and lower the incidence of: mental health problems that are related to drug use, such as drug induced psychosis and "somatic diseases" ( 19/01/2003) which are things like AIDS, and viral hepatitis B.

This particular target is aimed at people who are already addicted to drugs, experimenting with drugs or those that may be tempted to try drugs. For the targets to be achieved there are 7 tasks, that the national health programme wants to be carried out. The first task being:

" to establish drug policy aimed at managing psychoactive substances and harmonising legislation with current and changing needs." ( 19/01/2003)

The above task aims to review current policies that are related to drugs such as the " misuse of drugs act 1991)

The other tasks are...