The Heart Of The American Dream

Essay by malone2003 February 2003

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"If you don't expect justice you won't have to prepare for disappointment"

This essay is a critical analysis of democracy and humanity's social values, it was designed as a speech rather than a peice of writing but is still effective in this format.

Let me tell you about the truths I've come to discover in the past years. In 1776 a group of revolutionists, oppressed by the British, got together to pledge their defiance and their independence from England. Almost immediately they were met with opposition. Not just from England but from people that lived in the colonies that remained loyal to Great Britain. Those revolutionists fought and won their freedom and independence, they set sail for a new land in their boat, The Mayflower. Not too long after that those men, with the goodwill of mankind in their hearts and inspiration from above formed a constitution, and later a Bill of Rights, that put into affect the United States of America. They were the Pilgrim Fathers.

Immediately this system was met with a blockade, not just from the other inhabitants of the known world but by an ever present evil that began to hack away at this almost perfect structure, bit by bit. This evil is selfishness and its greed, its hatred and it is intolerance for others. Year after year these evils have led us all astray. They have forced us to choose personal gain and satisfaction over the good of the world and the people around us. Year after year their, and our actions have grown further away from the ideals and the dream that those men saw back in 1776.

226 years later the Americans, and all other modern nations have managed to turn their society 180 degrees. The form of society that those righteous...