Henry David Thoreau, a quote analysis

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“Truths and roses have thorns about them”Thoreau is a very famous poet and philosopher. Thoreau was a man connected to nature and God. Thoreau was a very honest man; he believed that one could only get closer to God if he understood nature. In this quote “truths and roses have thorns about them,” Thoreau is referring to that roses are beautiful but have thorns just like truth. Truth can have roses, but in the end they are much more beautiful than lies.

I myself am a person who usually tells the truth. Once, when I was about 11 or 12, I remember I knocked over a huge vase and blamed it all on to my cousin. The minute the vase smashed to the ground everyone came running, and I as scared as I was of my parents, immediately blamed my cousin for all of it. My parents were pretty upset at my cousin because it was a very expensive vase, but they didn’t do anything, instead they asked if everyone was ok.

My cousin was really mad at me, and wouldn’t talk to me because he knew that I had knocked down the vase. I felt, extremely bad, so I realized that I shouldn’t have blamed my cousin for it, and I went to my parents and told them the entire truth. Were they mad? Of course, they were, they were more upset that I had lied instead of telling the truth. If I had told the truth, I would have been off the hook with a couple of yells and screams from my parents, but because I lied I had more punishment. I realized from that point on that lies have bigger “thorns” then truths do, and I always told the truth from that point on.

Another time that...