Henry of nevarre.

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Henry of Navarre surnamed "the good" and "the great" was robust, athletic, and handsome. He was the descendent of Louis IX, the leader of the House of Bourbon.

Henry was born in Bearn in 1553. He got power by his family. Henry was the third son of Antoine de Bourbon and Jeanne D'albret, daughter and heiress of Henry, King of France. In 1559, his mother took him to La Rochelle and presented him to the assembled Huguenot army, with whom he participated in the battle of Jarnac. In this army, it is where Henry was chosen as the chief of the protestant party. Being in this campaign, he experienced the peace of St. Germaine, after this he speedily fall into a contract of marriage with Margaret of Valois, the sister, of Charles IX. Few days later the massacre of Huguenots took place and two months later, his mother, Jeanne, died which was probably due to poison.

In 1589, He got the throne because Henry III was murder and he was the nearest lineal male descendant of the royal house of France. This is the reason why he became Henry IV, the first king of The Bourbon Dynasty in France. As a king, he showed himself to be decisive, fearless in battle, and clever politician.

In April 15, 1598, one of his greatest achievements of being a king is seen of making a new law called "Edict of Nantes" with the goal of healing France's wounds. This law allowed the Huguenots to worship freely and live in peace in France.

He also devoted his reign to rebuilding France and it's prosperity, restored the French monarchy to a strong position and after a generation of war, most French people welcomed peace.

He established new sources of wealth and prosperity for all...