Henry V and his time as king during the war.

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King Henry V is persuaded by the Archbishop, of Canterbury and the bishop of Ely to go to war with France to claim his right to the French throne. They are motivated to urge the king to go to war because he can get the needed money from France to run England, instead of taxing the church. The Archbishop even promises church money to help finance the war.

King Henry is reluctant to go to war with France because he is afraid that the Scots will invade England while he is invading France. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury advises him to only take one quarter of his army to conquer France and leave the rest to defend England.

The French learn of England's plans to go to war and plot to have Henry V assassinated. Henry uncovers the plot and is confronted by the three noblemen who were his friends.

When Henry shows them papers that prove he knows their plans, they confess. Henry is bitterly disappointed that his friends betrayed him for money and when they ask him for mercy he sentences them to death for treason. He then returns to the issue at hand, which is France.

The King of France has his son the Dauphin prepare the army for war. The Dauphin is confident that the French will win because he feels that Henry is a shallow youth. He doesn't realize that Henry has left behind his wild youthful ways and is now a mature, wise and much loved king.

Exeter, the English ambassador goes to France and asks the king of France to give up his throne or there will be war. The French king offers king Henry, his daughter Katharine and some land instead. The offer is rejected and King Henry and his forces...