Hillel Schwartz: Fat and Happy Mary Worley Fat: and Happy A comparitive critique of both works

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Fat and Happy: From Two PerspectivesThe increasing amount of obese individuals leaves society with a number of different viewpoints towards obesity. Obese people attempt to gain acceptance in society but they must first accept themselves. Hillel Schwartz conveys that dieting and trying to lose excess weight is a negative approach towards acceptance in his article “Fat and Happy?”. Schwartz’s uses this to argue that a “fat utopia” is the perfect society (Schwartz 384). In “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” Mary Ray Worley states that once a fat person has accepted being overweight, only then are they able to carry on a happy satisfying lifestyle while also maintaining the will to shed the extra pounds. Although Schwartz and Worley both support being heavy, their approaches towards wellbeing, satisfaction, and acceptance are significantly different.

In “Fat and Happy?” Hillel Schwartz describes society’s role in the troubles of overweight people and the issues of dieting.

Primarily, he wants to convey his idea of an all-fat community. Schwartz expresses his views on by stating that dieting is not an acceptable means of losing weight. He claims that the idea of dieting is a good example of cannibalism. Using logical fallacies such as emotionally loaded terms and false analogies, Schwartz is able to influence the reader’s thoughts and manipulate their views on obesity. He uses a false analogy to represent overweight people as a minority. Schwartz goes on to use emotionally loaded terms when he talks about dieters having no other option than to be cannibalistic (Schwartz 386). With these ideas, Schwartz tries to convince readers that an all-fat community would be an ideal society.

Worley believes that overweight people can live a happy life as long as they are able to accept their current condition. This idea can be seen as...