Hinduism Notes. These notes include information about Reincarnation, Karma, Dharma, Babur, Akbar and more!

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Hinduism Notes


*Reincarnation is the belief that the individual soul is reborn in a different form after death.

*After a number of existences in the earthly world, the soul reaches its final goal in a union with Brahman. According to Hinduism, all living beings seek to achieve this goal.


*Karma is the force generated by a person's actions that determines how the person will be reborn in the next life.

*What people do in their current lives determines what they will be in their next lives.

*In the same way, a person's current status is not simply an accident. It is a result of the person's actions in past existence.


*The concept of karma is ruled by the dharma, or the divine law.

*The law requires all people to do their duty. However, people's duties vary depending on their status in society.

*More is expected of the people on a higher social scale, such as the Brahmans, than the lower castes.


*Babur was the founder of the Mogul Dynasty.

*He inherited a part of Timur Lenk's empire in an upland river valley of the Syr Darya.

*As a child he commanded a group of warriors who seized Kabul in 1504. Thirteen years later, his forces crossed the Khyber Pass to India.

*Babur's forces were smaller than his enemies, but had advance weapons, including artillery and used them to great effect.

*Babur captured Delhi with 12 thousand troops against an enemy force 10 times that size.

*He died at the age of 47 in 1530.


*Babur's grandson, Akbar was only 14, when he came to the throne.

*He was highly intelligent and industrious as he set out to extend his kingdom. By 1605, he brought Mogul to most of India by using heavy artillery...