Historic Daisy and Multiple Personality Disorder

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Daisy Buchanan, a sweet, foolish, ditsy, gullible woman or is she simply just a smart tease, malicious, man-eater? What ever the case may be, Daisy seems to go through many different personalities through out The Great Gatsby and its kind of hard to miss. She seems to contradict herself with what she says or feels with what she actually does. As we read we see that her actions speak louder then her words. So because she seems to struggle with her feelings and emotions through out the book, one can argue that she may have a personality disorder.

When we first meet Daisy Buchanan she seems to be energetic and full of life seeing Nick again for the first time in a long time. "I'm p-paralyzed with happiness!" She laughed again, as if she said something very witty, and held my hand for a moment, looking up into my face, promising that there was no one in the world she so much wanted to see" (8-9).

Was she really that excited to see Nick again, or was she just trying to bring attention to herself? Excessive attention-seeking behavior and emotionality are the key characteristics of Individuals with Histrionic Personality Disorder. During the middle of a conversation daisy focuses the attention back on her suddenly. "Look!" she complained; "I hurt it." "We all looked- the knuckle was black and blue" (12).

According to DSM-IV-TR, these individuals who have histrionic personality disorder tend to feel unappreciated if they are not the center of attention, and their lively, dramatic, and excessively extraverted styles often ensure that they can charm others into attending to them (Abnormal Psychology). We can see that Daisy seems to portray this type of disorder when Nick tells her that a dozen people had sent their love through...