The history of Bull Fighting (Tauromachy)

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The word Tauromachy is taken from a Greek source, Tauro(Bull) machy(fighting). It is a traditional spectacle found in Spain, France, and Portugal in which one or more bulls are practically killed as public spectacle.

In the next 5 pages, we will be talking about Bullfighting, when did it start, how did it start, and where did it start, and then after talking briefly about the beginning of it, we will talk about how it brought to Mexico then from Mexico to the American sports list, and the connection between people and this historical sport.

The American people prefer sports with power and courage, America’s first favorite sport is Football, because it contains all the hitting and punching and tackling, the spectacles like the intense in the game, and of course to be real. If you let the American sport fan to choose between two categories of sports, the first one will include Football, Hockey, soccer, basketball, boxing and wrestling, and the second category include tennis, swimming, running, and chess, they would choose the first category for sure, my argument in this paper is, since Bullfighting contain the most intensive action between all sports, in contains killing a live raging bull in the arena in front of the spectacles eyes! Why this sport is not so popular in the United States, although it has all the options to be number one!I searched many papers and articles on the internet and I read many books about sports and bullfighting, I came up with pretty interesting ideas about what people like in sports, and why they go to the stadium/arena.

I will start about this topic talking about my personal experience, my favorite sport is Soccer, simply because I started playing it since I was at a young age and all my...