The History of Globalization

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The History of the Globalisation

When we look at the history of Globalisation firstly we must talk about the major factors which leads our world to globalisation.These factors are;

1)Scince and Philosophy :

These two events made the World especialy the Europe a much more positivist place rather then the scholastic way of thinking of the Middle Ages .This situation replaced the power of religions , churchs and the supersiticions with positivist sciences and realistic ideas.

2)Trade,Agriculture and Technology:

These three events made the world smaller and offered a easier life.Trade and agriculture teached people leading and developing economics ,techonology made this proces much more simpler.By trading across highseas people of different cultures meet each other and this made the world smaller.


This gived people new horizons and different ways of thinking .But discoviers made changes in in the methods people uses in different things.

These events are the footsteps of globalisation but there is some milestones of globalisation and when we talk about these milestones we must talk about the capitalism too.

Capitalism borned with the industrial revolution and in the era of 1918-1991(Industrial revelution is the starting point of machine age, in this age people started to make factorys) the capitilism gained power,developed and made the globalisation.But firstly we will talk about the development of capitalism.

We can collect the development of capitalism in three topics,Economics,politics,technology,and control.

In technology ,capitalism leaded people to discoverys like productionline,massproduction,computers and ýnternet(all of these inventions has grate importance on our lives for example mass production gived us the oportunity to produce things rapidly at high quality,internet made the world smaller)

In politics,capitalism leaded the world to W.W.1,W.W.2 which happened between the developed and Industrialised mostly Europeon contries of the World ,In same time these wars borned the...