History Of Michelangelo.

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Michelangelo was known as one of the greatest artists ever known because of his great work in the areas of sculpting, painting, architecture, and poetry. He has created many great paintings and wrote many poems which lasted over seventy years, and he was able to change his style to fit the period of time. As an artist he was unmatched, the creator of works of sublime beauty that express the full breadth of the human condition. (2)

Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475, in Rome. When Michelangelo was young, his dad, Ludovico Buonarroti, placed him in an art workshop. Michelangelo began to study sculpture at a special school at the Medici Garden. After a short stay in the class, he was invited to stay at the house of Lorenzo De' Medici, a great painter. As a student in Rome he was called the "Universal Genius". He was a great sculpture early in life, and then he learned how to draw and paint.

Michelangelo was also a very religious man. He was a Catholic and most of his drawings and paintings resemble his beliefs in his art work. Michelangelo embodied many characteristic qualities of the Renaissance. He was an individualistic, highly competitive genius (sometimes to the point of eccentricity). Michelangelo was not afraid to show humanity in its natural state - nakedness; even in front of the Pope and the other religious leaders. Michelangelo portrayed life as it is, even with its troubles. Michelangelo wanted to express his own artistic ideas. (3)

From 1508 through 1512, Michelangelo's time was occupied by The Sistine Chapel Ceiling. The Sistine Ceiling is one of Michelangelo's greatest paintings. It is probably his most well known piece of art. The most puzzling thing about Michelangelo's ceiling design is the great number of seemingly irrelevant nude...