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Reese Kaplowitz

Ms. Johnson

Period 1

At Rose High School, which was the name of the town that Nucleus and his friends lived in, the annual Rose versus Daisy football game was about to start. Nucleus and his teammates nervously chatted about the game, as kickoff was fifteen minutes away. Lysosome and the other guys on the team looked up at Nucleus for his pregame speech. In fact, the whole team looked up to Nucleus because he was the quarterback of the team, and also the leader. Just as Nucleus finished his speech, kickoff was five minutes away. The team entered the field with their flag runner, Mitochondria, leading the way because he turned the environment of the field into a powerhouse of cheers from the fans of both teams.

The score was 21-21 with only one minutes left on the clock. Rose High had the ball on Daisy's 47 yard line.

Nucleus called the play, and quick turned around and handed the ball to his tailback Flagella. Flagella ran right, then spun left, and planted his left foot hard into the ground. Crash! The defensive star of Daisy High Golgi Body made a huge tackle, making the crowd roar. Tick, Tick, Tick the clock running down and Nucleus knew it. Instinctively he hurried his team to the line of scrimmage and looked up at the game clock, reading seven seconds left. With no timeouts remaining, huddling up his team, Nucleus knew this would be the last play of the game. Yelling out the snap count "Blue Forty Two," Nucleus received the ball and saw Golgi Body beat his man right off of the snap of the ball. Nucleus knew the fate of the game was in his hands. With Golgi Body only two yards away, Nucleus heaved the...