The Hour of the Star

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Asses the role of the narrator in The Hour of the Star?The narrator in all stories which contain one has always had a major role because it is the narrator who tells the reader any necessary background information as well as sets the mood for a particular scene. In this novella the narrator is even more important because not only plays the role of the narrator but also plays a major character. The narrator has a neutral opinion on portraying the novel which gets conflicted by his perceptions and emotions. The narrator of this novel is not the ordinary one because not only does he set the scene but also elevates Macabea's life into being significant even if only through this novel.

After reading the novel the reader not only understands a lot more of the novel such as its purpose but also understands more about the narrator for the fact that it is he who is writing the novel.

The reader can come to the conclusion that the novel has the objective of showing people are insignificant which is proven clear by Macabea's life and death. Macabea's life and death show insignificance because she is like a ghost in society has very little interaction with it. Not only does she have little interaction with society but also she lives with the purpose of not disrupting life's path which makes it clear she is trying to be insignificant which she achieves. For the reason that the narrator picked to talk about this story shows that he himself is a nobody and has no importance either in society. The reader can come to this conclusion about the narrator not only by analysing his story but also by listening to the narrators life; he is a writer with "limited" success and...