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Dear Editor,

We have read your article about scientists in Chicago, who have the first time made human embryos that are part male and part female to foster therapies for congential deseases.

You describe the facts and you do not really know, wether if it is right or not.

We are against this work because of ethical reasons.

Also the situation is gioing to get more complicated as embryos get altered to to the point of not being embryos any more.

A human being is genetically male or female from conception. This development of embryos is an intervention into nature. You cannot calculate the consequences of such a technology process. We already have negative consequences no one calculated in the past.

It is dangerous to interfere in the biological circle, because of the possible misuse of technology and biology.

Consider "Brave New World", where people were cloned and where they were under technologies` control and where they had to give up their emotions, feelings, religion, art and family.

We think all these investigations with embryos move on a very small ethical way.

You can compare the doings from the scientists with playing God.

The interfere in unborn life, with cutting out the unpleasant qualities of a child!

The step that parents are able to choose their babies with only the characteristics they want to, like in a catalogue, is very close to the momentary state.

Everybody understands that parents want to have children with only good qualities, because it would be a more pleasant life. But the individual feature of everyone is this special thing that distinguishes us from mashines. Every person, and every person means also a handicapped one, is loveable with all his qualities!


Laura Pehar