Human Genius: Creator or Destroyer

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Humans do differ in their brain power. Why is that so? How can it be possible that two persons can be so different that one gets the Nobel Prize for researches and developments is physics for example and the other one hasn't even got a slightest idea of electrons circulation? Is it some kind of blessing from above to be born intelligent and creative genius, or it is just a matter of upbringing from an early childhood? This is a very tricky question, on which I'll try to speculate further.

But first of all...what is creativity? Creativity is usually defined as the ability to generate new ideas that are both highly innovative as well as highly useful. A new idea will not be called creative unless it is quite hard to come by. Creativity always goes with genius, in fact creativity is what makes person genius. "Genius is not so much about new ideas as it is about clarity of ideas.

Two people can have the same idea yet it will be genius in the one and mediocrity in the other." Kevin Solway

Many books on psychology put a substantial emphasis on the nature-vs-nurture debate. Psychologist ask which factors are decisive in developing human behavioral characteristics: genetic background or education and upbringing? As far as intelligence is concerned, both genetics and upbringing determine the final outcome. There are some examples when the right upbringing brought to amazing results but there are also some cases when genius kids suddenly became "normal" , in some period of their lives they just stopped being genius. This happened to family of Nikitin. His kids were very intelligent and clever until the age of 15 and then suddenly became "normal", their high development stopped at this age and they were no longer different from other...