Human Population and Sustainability

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It is estimated that there are about 6.8 billion people here on earth today which our earth is only 8,000 miles wide and 24,000 miles in circumference. On average we add about 1.5 million people to this growing number every weak. So I ask you, have we reached the point of overpopulation? Just how many people can the earth hold? What are the causes and effects of human overpopulation? Simonetta, J. (2009)Human population is a very big environmental issue that needs to be addressed. Overpopulation is one of the most serious threats to mankind. It's about time that we begin to identify and understand the causes of overpopulation so that we take the proper steps to avoid it. When we focus on the issue at hand it is essential that we use sustainability strategies and solutions. This is something so simplistic that can also cause some rather large consequences if not properly dealt with in a timely manner.

California's population alone according to Motavalli, J. (2001, November) was estimated to be over 34 million people and rapidly increasing. U.S. Census Bureau says the state will have nearly 54 million people by 2025. The concern of overpopulation is horrific and actions can be taken on at a local level. Although this huge increase is not just because Californians decided to have large families or from people relocating from other states, that fact is that of the 35 million people, nine million of them are immigrants. California is where one third of the immigrants make their new home when entering the United States. Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) estimates that, when all factors are weighed, immigration accounted for an incredible 96 percent of California's population growth from 1990 to 1997 according to Motavalli, J. (2001, November)Overpopulation is defined as the condition...