Human Rights in Honduras

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First-Person Narrative of Human Rights Issues in Honduras

I cannot understand how many crimes are going on throughout Honduras. I know of police abuses and corruption, issues with judicial and prosecutorial independence, lack of accountability for post-coup abuses, attacks on journalists, prison condition issues and so many more. The main issue that hurts me most is the killings of farmers and guards that are not being properly investigated. My family owns a small farm and my father was just recently murdered on our family farm. My family and I are yet to hear anything about a conviction. I am so bothered by this not only because its my own father just because I scared for all the other campesino people. I know so many people who can be affected by this and I can't lose them too.

Since 2009 to this present day, these homicides have not gotten any better.

No one understands how bad this issue has become since it has not personally affect them. I live in the Bajo Aguán region of Northern Honduras where these homicides of campesino groups, and security guards employed by private firms are occurring. The prosecutors and police failed to carry out proper investigations. To make it even worse since President Lobo has been in office, he is just all talk but has not really done anything.

In my country of Honduras, we have a constitutional republic. The president right now is Porfirio Lobo. The main human rights issue right now is the killings of farmers and guards that are not being properly investigated after these deaths have occurred. None of the 29 homicides recorded have lead to conviction. Even though Honduras has an alarming level of violence and impunity, this issue still stands out to me. There is no justice for these...