The Hunt For Red October

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THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER Few words about the author - Tom Clancy - books about war - knows very much about the army - former member of the U.S. Marine Corps published in 1984 "“ filmed in 1986 the two Main Characters are: Commander Ramius: for the Russians an U-Boat god - has trained every skipper - wants to desert and come into the USA - hates the regime.

Dr.Ryan: An CIA - Agent - Specialist for U-boats "“ knows very much about the Russian marine and especialy about Ramius STORY The film is about a Russian U-Boat Commander at the cold war between the USA and the USSR. The Russians have build a new U-Boat. The americans don`t now anything about it till an US-american agent of the CIA find it out. His name was Dr. Ryan. He goes to an U-Boat Shipyard Engineer, a good friend of him.

He lookes at the photo and knew that it is an U-Boat of the Typhoon - Class. These are the biggest nuclear U-Boats which was ever been built. But then he sees something strange at the photo. It looks like hatches for a silent drove also called Caterpillar- drove. The americans also want to develop such a silent drove but theirs don´t work. But this one left the shipyard in the morning and is heading towards the USA. Ryan sees a problem at this and phoned his boss. But what he don`t know that his boss calls the Pentagon (US - Defence Building which looks like a pentagon). His Boss tells him to tell them the same story like he has told to him. He tells them the story and the name of the Boat: RED OCTOBER.

The name is because of the october-revolution in 1917. And...