Hydoelectric energy

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Hydroelectric energy potentially is

the result of a fortunate coincidence in which

nature and the need to modernize, are combined

together in an on- going cycle. The cycle being

evaporated, precipitation and concentration.

Having water, though, does not necessarily mean

having hydroelectric potential. To be in usable

form, that water must be in continuous supply,

accessible and concentrated in rivers with a

volume flows and a descent rate, sufficient to drive

generating turbines. The only way that this system

would become non-renewable would logically be

if the lakes, rivers and streams dried up, therefore

the resource of water becoming unavailable. The

likeliness of this happening in our lifetime is next to

nothing, especially in Ontario and Quebec. These

areas have and abundance of lakes and

down-falling rivers. Availability The availability of

water in this area of the world is great. Being able

to have water flowing on a downward slope is

another story.

It is useless if it is not flowing. The

steeper the water flows, the more electricity it will

produce. Hydroelectric plants can be turned into

what are called peaking units in areas where

power plants and high populations exist. That is

because electricity demand in an area can vary

widely over a period of time, sources that can

easily be turned on or off are needed to meet

demand peeks. Environmental Concerns Large

dame change a self-regulating ecological system

into one that must be managed. Placed on a river

without thought to their upstream and downstream

impacts they can bring disaster.