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this is a science experiment which can be duplicated!!!!! He gave me an A on the display....


NAME HERE and I became fascinated by hydroponics and the idea

that one doesn't have to get their hands dirty to be a great gardener, and if

your like us that's a good thing.

The idea of hydroponics has been around since the pyramids where

build, but in all these years it never seemed to catch on. It took about forty-six

hundred years before the first scientist took a look at hydroponics and

adapted it to grow crops, this was a professor at the University of California,

and the result was a 25 foot tomato plant that had to be harvest by a ladder.

Thus hydroponics was reborn and has been advancing ever since. Yet up to 5

years ago the home grower and generally the public didn't know about

hydroponics. It was only being used by commercial growers.

But now it has

caught on, and resulted in this experiment.

When thinking about hydroponics one must think about the

applications of hydroponics. Not only dose hydroponics produce bigger,

better, and more healthier plants than the traditional dirt, but it can also be

greatly beneficial on things like submarines, space stations, off-shore oil rigs,

or any where else where dirt is hard to come by.

During this experiment we'll be looking for which plant life well do

best with hydroponics, by measuring which plant has grown the highest or

bushiest. We also well be looking for green and healthy looking leaves on the

plants. We have no idea what the results might be, so this should be an

exciting experiment.


Which form of plant life will thrive the most in a hydroponics

enrichment. Will it be Tomatoes our fruit, Peas our vegetable,