Idustrial Revolution.

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Industrial Revolution

As the Industrial Revolution further progressed the lives of all classes were affected. The working class was ever so miserable and the middle-class was becoming wealthy to the expense of the workers. Yet, some middle-class men did pity and want betterment for the exploited workers. But, the majority of the employers did not want to even bother with such a low class of workers that could easily be replaced.

The horrid working and living conditions and the low wages that the workers received for their work caused the despondency of the working-class. The workers saw their work as fatiguing and exhausting (Doc. 7 & 8). The suffering of the children was of high degree. Before Parliament passed the Factory Act, children worked the same hours at as adults did. This long work caused them to not be raised amongst their family, as children were raised back in the countryside.

Several people thought that the children enjoyed the work (Doc. 3), but the children utterly despised it (Doc. 8).

The exploitation of the workers did bring great physical damage and low morale (Doc. 9). The continued and exhausting labor (Doc. 2) was found damaging by some middle-class people. These compassionate people helped fight for the rights of the workers. The majority of the employers did not give the pain and agony much attention, for the workers could easily be replaced. But, those employers that were compassionate towards their workers cared for the health and safety of their employees.

The avaricious factory owners highly criticized the laziness of their workers (Doc. 4 & 5). The employers expected much of them, but the workers could not work up to those expectations when they were not physically and mentally all right. Those workers that did not work as hard (Doc.10) despised...