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As our gradually changing world become accustomed to a more technological era, the mass media has developed into an influential source of information to the wide-ranging community. With a television set in practically every home and latest study showing that kids put out on average 3.3 hours in front of the television a day, it is apparent that television has grow to be a powerful medium having the ability to attract it's viewers (Gunter, 1997). Further than television's potency to entertain, it presents a structure to its reliable audience of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the social order. With its moving images making it mainly engaging, television has the potential to drive individuals, especially children. Television in its life has the potential to educate kids about how men and women proceed in society and to influence their viewpoints of what is waiting for them in the world as either gender (Gunter, 1999).

This paper will importantly evaluate the existing evidence pertaining to the power television has on its audiences. More significantly, the focal point will be put on the representation of gender characters on television programming. The portrayal of gender characters on television is a significant matter because it demonstrates a certain picture of the world to its viewers. As such, if television supports stereotypical gender characters then this can influence the system people apply or view their gender in society. Television has the ability to affect its watchers, and the thoughts depicted in programming may not be reliable or well suited with the reality of society. Through a study of certain television curriculums and movies, it is obvious that the established character of woman is stressed and in essence, intensification the stereotypical belief that women are inactive, uncertain, and lesser to men. Young audiences are...