Independent person

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Independent Person

I still remember the day that changed my life completely, the 25th of May, 2010. Coming to America has made me the person I am today. I remember the feeling of the radiant sun pounding my face, the sound of the planes taking off the ground, and the smell of the dear homeland. I will never forget the love in my parents' eyes when they were sending me off to another country. My mother told me that day, "You are our last bullet." My parents call me "last bullet", because I am the youngest in our family. I have an older brother and sister. Since our hometown is far removed from the rest of the country, after high school graduation my siblings moved in order to find a job and create their own families. Being immature, I did not want to move anywhere. I wanted to stay with my beloved parents.

Once I told my mother, "When I get married, we will buy a big house and all of us will live together under a common roof." My mother replied, "You have to learn to be independent. We will not be with you forever." Unlike most of the adolescent youth, I did not desire for freedom; I just wanted to be under my parents' wings.

As I was grasping for breath in the plane's steely hold, I cast my gaze down to the ground below. The ground was screaming at me with new hope, new ideas, and a new life. The moment was coming when I would be released from this steel vessel, and the welcoming land would hold me up once again. A ground so foreign, but soon it would be a part of me. Upon leaving the plane, I felt so strangled thinking of what...