Industrial revolution and the two different government systems it produced

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Topic: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Capitalism and Communism that were created during the Industrial revolution.

The Industrial Revolution sparked two totally different forms of government and societies. Capitalism and Communism both were new and they both had good and bad sides to them. In this essay I am going to evaluate those points and pass my view on which society is better

Industrial revolution was a great change in the way people lived and brought many changes. The three base classes before the revolution were split up by a wealth gap and they had a decent relationship between the classes. The industrial revolution brought big factories and urbanization. This helped the middle class to be very successful and make huge profits. But this came at a price, the working class was forced to work longer hours and in bad conditions.

The workers lost the relationship with the owner and this caused the worker to be paid lower wages and to be exploited.

This helped the middle class to get governmental power. This lead to Capitalism being the type of government in place. They based their system on laid back government and the aim of capitalism was money and free enterprise.

This lead to philosophers like Karl Marx coming up with new ideas like communism. The basis for this was that workers would overthrow the government with force and take over the services. This in theory would give all people the necessities of life with no government in power.

In the capitalist country you had the country economy booming and exports and imports being sold cheap and having it in great numbers. Factories were turning out thing 18 times faster than normal due to new technology being utilized and developed at an alarming rate . This helped the people...