The Industrial Revolution Impact on Western Society

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Amber Muni Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution had a significant impact on Western society and the effects were numerous and mainly positive. The Industrial Revolution began in England in the 1790's and spread throughout Europe and eventually to America. The extensive effects of the Industrial Revolution influenced almost every aspect of daily life and human society in some way. During this time period, widespread transportation such as railroads became available and important for the movement of goods and people. Also, new social reforms came about, dealing with critical issues including that of child labor.

In addition, the effects of the revolution resulted in a great improvement in living standards for many people. Although the positive affects of the Industrial Revolution were plentiful, there were also several negative affects concerning the issues of railroads, child labor, and certain living conditions.

The railroads built during the Industrial Revolution allowed for widespread transportation to now be available for goods and people.

Consequently, the coal burned in train engines created great pollution resulting in an unhealthy and dangerous environment for the people. In addition, as European governments became involved with the creation of railroads, taxes increased resulting in the lower classes experiencing greater burdens. Despite these negative repercussions, railroads were beneficial to society in a variety of ways. Railroads created a way for people to quickly and easily move throughout their own countries and other various parts of the world. The simple and speedy transportation of people allowed for a sharing of ideas and cultures by bringing people to other parts of the world. In addition, railroads were very useful in the trading and transportation of goods by providing an easier, quicker, and cheaper way of getting goods to various parts of a country and to other countries. The less...