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It is fairly large a compilation of research from my library. "try to make it more personal next time"


Namibia Resource Centre

Southern Africa Library

The Library

The library's collection of books focuses primarily on southern Africa and publications originating from the region. Its

holdings of publications printed in Namibia since the early 1950s are probably the most extensive outside Africa. The

collection contains publications in European and African languages and emphasises the social sciences and humanities. The

rare-book collection of early accounts of European explorations covers the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. Special attention is

being given to material documenting the history of the Swiss in Africa.

The collection of periodicals includes both colonial and current titles, some of which are not to be found in other institutions in

Switzerland. Current periodicals from southern Africa include newspapers, community newsletters, business bulletins and

scientific journals.

The collection of bibliographies is intended to cover all major geographic regions and subject issues concerning sub-Saharan

Africa. They enable us to maintain the original purpose of the institution, i.e. to provide bibliographical information to

researchers and others interested in Africa.

The Archives

The archival collection consists of several sections. One section primarily holds personal papers of individuals from Namibia

and Switzerland. Another section consists of press cuttings and grey literature (pamphlets, reports, posters, etc.) from

southern Africa and includes material from various Anti-Apartheid movements. Printed material concerning 'SWAPO of

Namibia' is regarded as extensive. In addition, a small collection of historical photographs from Namibia is being kept. The

map collection contains 800 maps on Namibia, at present on loan to the Institute of Geography of the University of Basel.

Reference guides on all archival holdings are available to researchers.

The Publications

Our own publications form part of our effort to promote...