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Essay - The significance of idealism And truth in an individuals life

English 30-1

Inner Turmoil

Inner turmoil is very hard to overcome, if one is not careful it can take over the mind and soon the individual will slip into nothing. The portrayal of inner turmoil is very familiar in mental illnesses. In the short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Gilman, a women that is diagnosed with depression, is relocated to a remote estate by her husband, hoping to cure her illness. She is sent to a room without any human contact as it is believed that she will get better if she does nothing and just focuses on getting better herself. However, her mental state worsens as she starts to hallucinate, thus, losing her grasp on reality. The portrayal of mental disorder, slight truths and mistrust within the story implies the justification in one's view and ideals and the unfortunate impact neglect of such things may have on an individual.

The lack of truth expressed between the protagonist and her husband leads to the disregard of truth, which becomes more dangerous than a lie. Truth being the strongest form of expression, when her reality is gone she has nothing to turn to. Truth and idealism in an individual's life is very important in achieving good mental health.

Initially, the she displays minor symptoms of depression and anxiety. She is sent to get treatment, therefore, suggesting that she was showing signs of depression. Despite her being unaware of the illness taking control over her body. "It's very seldom that mere ordinary people like John and myself secure ancestral halls for the summer" From this statement it does not seem that she is aware of her illness or the real reason why she is at the...