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ROMAN DUNSTABLE (DUROCOBRIVIS) Durocobrivis was the name of a small town in roman times; we now call this town Dunstable. At the time Durocobrivis was part of the Roman Empire, which then was being run by Julius Caesar. There have been many things found underground that Archaeologists believe came from the roman town Durocobrivis including primary sources such as: Pots dead bodies, coins and many other things.

A normal house in Durocobrivis would be a one-roomed house, which would have about 7 or 8 people living in it. When people died they were normally buried outside the town or city with a gold or silver coin in their mouth. They had this done because people believed that when you pass on you need some money to pay the ferry man. The Roman Empire is made up of places that Rome has beaten in battles and to do this Rome had a big army made up of strong well-trained soldiers with a range of far and short range weapons.

Their were many different types of coins this was one of them: Julius Caesar made Some actions in his Reign some examples Are, he gave land to Poor citizens and he Named a month after Himself (July). In the year 55 and 54 B.C, Julius Caesar led an army into Britain even thought no roman general had ever done this before.