International Trade Dispute :canada And Europe Seal Products Cases.

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Canada is one of the countries which engaged in hunting commercial seals for many years. However, the recent prohibition which was imposed by the European Parliament and the EC Council banning the importation, distribution, marketing and sale of seal products and items containing seals products had incurred objections by many countries like Canada, Norway, which has formed tradition activities of seal hunting�.In response to the declaration, Canada has publicly criticized the EU's measures and alleged that it will face up to the EC ban on seal products at the World Trade Organization if Canada is not given an exemption from the proposed regulations. Norway is considering requesting for consultations with the WTO relating to the EU import ban for the sake of defending the interests and livelihoods of Norwegian sealers�.

In this essay I will evaluate the seal dispute by means of WTO clauses and relevant policies and further analyze Canada's protest and the EU's arguments as it tried to cease the inhumane activities.

Canada has alleged that EU's measures are incompatible with Articles 2.1 and 2.2 of the TBT Agreement, Articles I.1, III.4 and XI.1 of GATT 1994. However, European Union has adopted exceptions of Article (XXa) and Article (XXb) as a weapon to protect its trade activities.

I will begin by discussing these articles which involved in the controversial.

A key issue is whether EU measures have breached the Articles 2.1 and 2.2 of the TBT Agreement, Articles I.1, III.4� and X.1 of GATT 1994.

The GATT Article I: the Most-Favored-Nation Treatment. It requires that members do not give any inequitable advantage, privilege, favor or immunity with regard to imports and exports of any product except for it is also granted to all other contracting Parties�. This Regulation satisfied the case which does not violate...