International Trade --- Import Cosmetics from U.S to Spain.

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1. Introduction

Spain is the 4th country, after US, Japan and Brazil, where most cosmetic and plastic surgery is performed.

The cosmetic industry in Spain is an extremely lucrative market with a growth rate

of 8.7% since 1998 following Denmark and Finland in increased sales. Spain, which is one of the ten largest economies in the world, is a member of the European Union and is the fastest growing major industrialized country in the world. The general population of Spain has shown increased interest in this market over the past few years. It is expected to keep with the upward trend well into the future. This market is very receptive to imports.

The following figures are demonstrating the market states in Spain:

a. Growth in the body care market has been impressive during 2002; 13.1% growth rate, the highest in the cosmetic market.

b. Drugstores and department stores are the channels with the highest volume of sales, 29.6%.

c. Body lotions continue to have the highest market share, over half of the body care market.

d. Anti-aging creams capture 41% of the market, experimenting an impressive 20.3% rise during 2002

e. Prices for these cosmetics have remained high, between 40 and 80 euros, and with quite a few exceptions surpassing 100 euros

Obviously, there is a very big, profitable market for cosmetics in Spain. In my report, I assume I am a representative of one of U.S Import/Export company who going to import cosmetics to Spain market.

2. Market Research

The cosmetics industry, according to the European Cosmetic Trade Association,

refers to a myriad of products, the largest five being perfumes and fragrances,

decorative cosmetics, skin and hair products, and various toiletries. Toiletries lead

this market at 26.1% of total sales, followed by hair care, skincare, perfumes,

fragrances, and decorative...