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Topic: Health1.I decide if a website’s information is valid, trustworthy, and /or reliable by looking Authority, Purpose, Coverage, Currency and Objectivity.

Authority: reveals that the person, institution, or agency responsible for the site has the qualifications and knowledge to give the information on the site.

Purpose: The author should be clear about the purpose of the information presentedCoverage: The author should be clear about how much he or she is covering the topic. Even though they may say they are presenting a complete coverage of the topic, they may just cover one specific part of it.

The currency of the site refers to 1) how current the information presented is, and 2) how often the site is updated. It is important to know when a site was created, when it was last updated, and if all of the links are current.

Objectivity: Beware of sites that contain a certain bias.

Objective sites will present information with a minimum of bias, without the intention to persuade.

2. is an “unreliable” site for my topic.

First, I can’t find the authority information. Second, the purpose of the web site is to sell its product. The topics aren’t explored in depth. That means the site doesn’t provide relevant and useful internal and external links that give additional information for specific topics. As far as currency is concerned, the web site isn’t current. We couldn’t find the dates the information was first written and the date the information was last revised. Finally, I think the site is not objective because it contains biases which tell us we can get healthier by eating fiber and have intention to persuade audience to buy their products. So the site isn’t objective. In a short, the metamucil web is an “unreliable” site for my topic.

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