Interview with Julie Taymor about Frida movie!!!

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Interview with Julie Taymor

Julie Taymor is a director of Frida. In the film, Taymor showing that father played an important role. However, her mother was completely omitted, giving me the impression that Frida did not have a mother. Some of the reasons for her mistakes and fight back again the current of life because maybe her mother wasn't there for her when she needed her the most?

In the meantime, everything about Frida was worth my time and money. One of the themes Taymor trying to show us is that the blood throughout Frida painting. In the scene, Frida is lying on her side looking at her hand stained with her own blood. I think the blood represents the pain she had endured throughout her life. Pain that Frida has suffered is represented in all of her art.

The first scene, that Taymor talks about is the streetcar crashed into the bus that Frida was riding, broke her spinal column, her pelvis, etc.

The impact of the crash left Frida naked and bloodied, but covered with gold dust. Taymor was saying that Frida painted that she never dreams, but only painted her own reality. Taymor has an extra on the bus holding a caged bird. One could only guess that the birds is released fro the cage upon impact. I am not sure what director trying to show throughout Frida life. Maybe from that point on, Frida have to right to do whatever she want instance for what her parents want her to.

During the interview, Taymor discuss the scene where Frida's cut her hair. "I had two big accidents in my life, Diego; the trolley and you...You are by far the worst." When Frida say this word, then clock the door from Diego, this is another...