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Background for Government Logistics Centre (Chai Wan)Supplies of common-user goods and essential and emergency items are purchased in bulk and held in the purpose-built Government Logistics Centre in Chai Wan which came into operation in 1996. It centre is managed by the department of government logistics. The bidding sources of material or goods in the centre are come from the following: goods/material that are disposal from other; goods/material which do not have people identify for a period of time. The operations of the centre are assisted by a modern computerized system with international bar-coding functions that provides, among other services, online communication with customers etc……Experience share after the visit of Government Logistics CentreThings that observed during the visit:On March 26, 07, our school bring us to visit the Government Logistics Centre. Before visiting the Centre, we have a talk that briefly introduces the daily operation for the Centre or their depot by the senior material supply staff, Mr.

Chan. After that, Mr. Chan brings us to visit. First, we visited the Disposal Store. In Disposal Store, there have a senior material supply director, Mr. Ho who introduce the operation; function of Disposal Store to us. In the Disposal Store, there are many of goods (ex. watch; bicycle; DVD equipment etc……) which are use for bidding.

These goods mainly come from others who goods are disposal by a law court. For the ready bidding's goods/material, it needs to show on desk before one week. Also, the bidding goods normally have a memo or paper lie on their depot cabinet which state something must be take attention while handling. Besides, some expensive goods will lock in the glass cabinet for people bidding.

After visiting Disposal Store, we have visited the Government's Furniture Store. In there, much government's furniture (ex. chair; bed; table etc…..) will repair to reuse after collecting from the other developments of Government.

Then, we have visited the Material Store. There have many district or area to store materials or cargos. Beside many cargos or material putting in the depot, there is some equipment that assists the flow of these materials. For example, there have a fork-lift truck that assists the movement of the cargo or material. Also, at the Material Store, there have an operator explain the general operation of the depot. And we also have a chance to sit on the fork-lift truck.

Finally, we have reached the Government's Dangerous Store. In the Dangerous Store, there is storage many dangerous materials such as some bottle of toxic liquid or gas etc…… To avoid the leakage of toxic liquid, the high for the front door of the depot is higher than normally doors. Beside this, the lights in the dangerous store are also special made. It can prevent spark while turn off or turn on the light that reduced the opportunity of explosion.

After that, we leave the Government Logistic Centre and went back to school after take a photo together in the front door of Government Logistic Centre.

Things that learned during the visit:After visiting the Government Logistic Centre, we have learned a lot. First, in the briefing part of Mr. Chan, we learn the history and the basic daily operation of the Centre. After seeing the radio of Government Logistic Centre, we know more about the practical operation of the Government's Disposal Store; Material Store; Furniture Sore; Dangerous Store. Also, through the radio, we know some actual number of the depot' cargos or materials.

In the Disposal Store, I have learned which type of cargos or materials are used for bidding and the procedure of the bidding in the Government Logistics Centre. Also, we learn that which bidding's cargo need special care (ex. watch) and which is not (ex. cloth; bicycle). Trough the explanation of Mr. Ho, we know more about the practical situation of operating this Store.

For the Furniture Store, I have learned the procedure of how to recycle to use the government's furniture after the damage or broken of the furniture. After repairing the furniture, it would be sent to other government's department in need. It may also use for bid to public.

For Material Store, I have learned the classification of material. There are different areas or district (ex.A; B; C) to store material. Each areas or district have deal with different material. Besides, I have learned some operation skill of fork-lift truck after the demonstration of the operator there.

For the Dangerous Store, I understand the function of the toxic liquid or gas which are using in the industry's way. Also, I understand how to handle these toxic liquid in an effective way after listening to the operator in there.

Over all, I have learned the basic operation of the Government Logistic Centre and their method of handling cargos or material.

Things should be improved for the Government Logistics Centre:There is not enough promotion for the Government Logistic Centre. For example, it seldom has information can be surf on the net. Even, it doesn't have their own website to attract people attention. So, I think Government Logistic Centre should set up their own website.

Furthermore, there is not enough protection for the Dangerous Store's goods which just protect by the general box. To prevent the toxic liquid leakage effectively, I think it should be better to install a container for each of the toxic liquid material.

Also, I think some of the goods in the Disposal Store are too old. In addition, some of them putting together in the desk are different type which may the bidder fell confusing. And it would reduce their interest to purchase the goods. So, I think Government Logistic Centre should employ people responsible to check and distribute the goods in the right order.

Moreover, Government Logistic Centre has no parking space for the bidders who take part in the bidding activity. It will make them unhappy. So, Government Logistic Centre should set up some parking space for them.