investigating Monsanto’s corporate social responsibility

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Title: investigating Monsanto's corporate social responsibility

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Investigating Monsanto's corporate social responsibility

With the increasing globalization of businesses, corporate social responsibility has become a hot topic regarding many multinationals. Businesses are realizing that environmental sustainability and stakeholder concerns remain critical in matching the quality of businesses. According to Schmeltz (2014), companies that do not put into place sustainable measures of operating their businesses in different countries of operation risk going out of business because of criticism from the public. Since times are dynamic, rise in affluence, urbanization, and the need for growth and development of the planet have pushed for sustainability. The issue of sustainability has occupied the central position across the globe and it has shifted focus on various voices and interest in the world.

All multinational companies must therefore recognize that they have a critical part to lay in the discussion and commitment to corporate social responsibility. Customers need to know that the company they are loyal to keeps its promise by giving back to the community and practicing environmental safety and care. Monsanto is referred to as the mother of agricultural biotechnology. The company is well known for its production in herbicides, cotton, vegetables, genomics as well as corn (Monsanto, 2014). Monsanto manufactures genetically altered seeds, which are tolerant in order to survive the flagship of its products. Being among the largest biotechnology firms in the world, the company produces a variety of products including Asgrow, DEKALB, Agent Orange, and Deltapine among others. In the financial year ended 2010, Monsanto recorded a high sales volume of $ 10.5 billion and had around 27,500 employees (Detar,