An Investigation Into The Factors Affecting Osmosis

Essay by meeta July 2004

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My aim for this experiment is to see the results of potato tissue's mass difference, when placed in different concentrations of sugar solutions.

Variables involved:

For this experiment I would expect to have 3 different variables, Independent, Dependent, and fixed variables, which all helps me to plan and explain the experiment thoroughly.

The Independent variable (things you change), the thing that I will be changing in this investigation into the factors affecting osmosis, is the concentrations of the solution that helps me to investigate osmosis with potato tissues. The different sugar concentrations will be changed to see the result of the potatoes when placed in sugar solutions placed in different molarities (strengths).

Dependent Variable (things that you measure) the things that I'll be measuring in this experiment on osmosis is the mass change and length change of the potatoes placed in different molarities of sugar solutions. I will record the masses in grams by using a balance and the length changes by using a ruler.

Fixed Variables (Things that you keep the same) the things that I have chosen to keep the same in each individual experiment to keep it a fair test is to keep the same sizes of each potato tissue the same by using the same cork borer and same ruler. I will be keeping the same amount of solution placed in the test tubes for each different experiment, which I will measure using a measuring cylinder. I will also be keeping the same potato through out the whole experiment to as using a different one might give me anomalous results as some might have more water in it then others.


Osmosis is the passage of water molecules from a weaker solution into a stronger solution, through a partially permeable membrane. In this case,