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My planet's name will be, Planet Hogan, named after the greatest wrestler of all time. It will be located in a galaxy, far, far away. It will be a terrestrial planet, this decision was reached on the possibility of one day supporting life on the planet. The following are some calculations that will describe the planet in a little more detail: Ø Stellar Mass - - 1.2 Ø Stellar Luminosity- - 1.2^(3.5)= 1.893 1.893*(4.5*10^26) Ø Stellar Constant- - 1.893*(4.5*10^26) = 239.994 4P(1.5*10^11)^2 Ø Stellar Lifetime - - 1.2/8.5185 = 1.4 billion years Ø Average distance - - 1.25 AU Ø Average Temperature- - 1400(1-.34) = 225 degrees Kelvin 4(5.67*10^-8)(1.25^2) The reason why I choose to make a planet with these specifications is because I want to see if life can be supported on a planet that is a little farther away from its sun than the Earth, but with a star that puts out a little more luminosity than the Sun.

Some scenarios that I would like to create would be an atmosphere similarly composed to the one here on Earth, a composition that would allow for more materials to have formed on the planet, and the capturing of a moon or possibly 2. I think I'll run into some difficulties with the atmosphere creation, only in that I would like it to be similar to Earth's in some ways, yet be distinguished in its own way.

A couple of questions I would like to pose are: 1. Why can't I get my stellar constant to compute properly? 2. I realize that the avg. temperature is lower than Earth's, what scenarios could I build to internally heat the planet (core scenarios)? 3. What if I put into existence a second sun, with a luminosity slightly lower than the suns?