Islamic understanding of the relationship between GOD and Humanity

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The translation of Islam is 'submission' and this is the meaning of the religion to Muslims. Muslims believe that their lives must be in complete obedience to God and that they should always strive to please God. It is this principle that is the basis of the Islamic relationship between humanity and God.

The effort made by Muslims to be obedient to God throughout their lifetimes is a struggle. Muslims are fighting a constant battle to submit themselves completely to God and this battle is known as Jihad. Jihad is split into two parts, lesser Jihad and greater Jihad. The lesser Jihad is an outward expression of Islam to remove evil from society while the greater Jihad is an inward struggle to follow the teachings of Islam and consciously obey God at all times. Jihad effectively illustrates the essence of the relationship between God and humanity and shows that humanity is subservient to God.

Islam teaches that God is the creator of the world and gave life to everything on it, 'It is He who created for you all things that are on earth' (sura 2 v 29). While Christians believe the same view they interpret their relationship with God differently to Muslims. Christians believe that they can have an intimate relationship with God and call him by the name of Father and also believe that God has three parts: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Muslims, however, believe this is blasphemy as they are comparing God with an earthly figure. Muslims believe that Christians are committing the sin of Shirk By claiming God has three parts as God is one entity and by comparing Jesus as a part of God and is denying God's authority. Musilms believe that God is far, far greater than...