Issue paper based on article regarding Congress' stance on assisted suicide.

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The essay follows a specific guideline my AP teacher set up for us to follow. The essay summarizes the main point of the article, provides some outside information, and a personal view at the end without saying "I".

Will Congress take action on assisted suicide?

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that the "federal laws now on the books don't permit the Bush administration to block Oregon doctors from helping terminally ill patients kill themselves." Although the Supreme Court has made its ruling, it's possible that Congress could try to pass a law to give Bush the power to stop assisted suicide. Right now, the issue is not assisted suicide itself but whether or not Congress should now revise the Controlled Substances act to "make clear that federally-regulated drugs may not be used to facilitate state-sanctioned assisted suicide." Many conservative groups, like the Family Research Council and the Third Branch Conference, are urging Congress to revise the law.

The Supreme Court's decision was based on one legal question: "did the 1970 Controlled Substances Act give the attorney general the power to decide that assisting suicide had no 'legitimate medical purpose' and that therefore Oregon doctors' cold not prescribe federally controlled drugs to assist suicide?" Earlier in the 1990's Congress had tried twice to give the attorney general the power to prohibit the use of federally controlled drugs for assisted suicides but they both failed to pass.

Despite the Court's ruling, it is quite possible for the Congress to pass a law giving the attorney general the power he desires in this case. America is a land that is fueled not only by intelligence, but emotion as well. Tradition of life ending naturally may drive Congress to pass a bill to "set uniform national standards" and "prohibit assisted suicide as...