The Japanese Electronic Industry

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Asian Honors Humanities, Section 2


The Japanese Electronic Industry

The 21st century is a time period in where our world is such an advanced system. Constantly every year, many new products are being created that are making people's lives much easier than it was back in the 1900's. We always rely on electronics to do our everyday needs for us with just a simple touch of a button. It's not necessary to go to a library to get books for some research you may want to do as now we have the internet which will bring up about a million websites free to your use in seconds. Not many people question this, but how did all these electronics that are being used in our day to day lives come about? How were the major companies present in our electronic industry created? Well some of the major firms are Japanese and have been a big factor in Japan's electronic industry such as Sony and Toshiba.

The Japanese electronics industry is one of the main components regarding Japan's industrial infrastructure and has created many companies and products that have raised the bar in technology, changing our world into a more advanced environment here in the 21st century.

The major companies that are in the Japanese electronic industries have come up with many products that have eased our lives today. Sony was a major leading company that focused on the electronic and entertainment areas. It creates the TV's that we watch shows and movies on every day as well as laptops and tablets which we use for many different things. Also, many people play video games on the game console known as PlayStation which was a huge success for Sony. Another company that is the world's largest video...