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Jay Gatsby: A Hero like no other

The definition of the word "hero" has changed throughout the ages. A hero is someone who is recognized for his or her outstanding abilities and who helps people who are in need. A hero is courageous, strong-willed and strong-hearted. A hero is often the main character of the story. Our idea of the word "hero" has indeed changed, but everyone has his or her own perception of who a hero really is. Jay Gatsby who is one of the main characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby is the hero but a dreadful one. When asked about whom a hero really is people tend to have different views. Jay Gatsby has some qualities that question if he really is the hero of the story but again he has some qualities that make him a true hero. Again everyone's definition of hero might be different.

Ever since Jay Gatsby was a little kid he idolized his mentor Dan Cody an eccentric billionaire. Jay wanted to be all the things that Dan was. He was willing to do anything and rise above anyone to get those things. His road to success had a few bumps on them but he didn't regret it. Those bumps made Gatsby who he was and he wouldn't change a thing. Jay Gatsby was many things but he was not a two faced hero. Gatsby was a bootlegger and he was corrupt. He used to throw lavish parties for his one true love Daisy. Even though Gatsby knew these things were not right he still did it because of love. Everything he did he did for love. He built himself to a person who Daisy would love and gladly accept. He wanted to be the man...